Crosscode Solutions

Panoptics Transcends Dependency Mapping to be a GPS for your Software Environment



Change Assessment

When managing changes to your enterprise, a change assessment is critical for preparing your overall project.

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Crosscode Panoptics

Reduce development costs, accelerate speed-to-market, and enhance system reliability.

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Cloud Migration

Businesses are innovating and migrating apps and services to the cloud every day, but it can be challenging.

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Code- Level Mapping with Panoptics

Crosscode Panoptics helps organizations understand and manage IT change with a solution that identifies application interdependencies at the code level, across languages and platforms

Cloud Migration With Panoptics

Successful cloud migrations of legacy applications share a common theme- Application rationalization and understanding of interdependencies. Check out how Panoptics can provide discovery and understanding to rationalize and migrate your applications. 

Case Studies

Rapid AWS Migration for Telecom Company

A major global telecom needed to migrate critical undocumented applications to the cloud in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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Refactoring for Major Retailer

A major European retailer hired consulting firm R Systems International to modernize its IT landscape in preparation for expansion into Asian markets.

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