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Are you paying twice for not knowing what you don't know?

In February of 2020, Crosscode surveyed of 10,000+ IT and development professionals with the stated purpose of gauging the cost of under-investing in this application and data dependency management.

What are these strategic initiatives, and how can software, data, and API dependency maps make the difference between their success and failure?

Managing Dependencies in an Open Source Landscape

As more and more enterprises work with open-source libraries, greater attention needs to be given to the risks of external dependencies, which can wreak havoc on enterprise systems if left unchecked.

However, managing open-source dependencies in enterprises are not easy due to the massive scale of enterprise IT systems. The more intricate the IT architecture, the greater the technical complexity, and the more likely it is for businesses to encounter dependency risks.

Benefits of Becoming Agile, Take Your Software Delivery to the Next Level

In today's hyper-competitive markets, nothing is more important to enterprises than delivering the right products and services to customers at breakneck speed.

To achieve this, organizations must focus on software delivery processes that allow them to respond quickly and effectively to customer demands. Change happens quickly and enterprises must adapt to it.

A Guide to Successful Cloud Migration Strategies

Cloud computing has helped enterprises elevate their digital transformation strategies to the next level, spurring a level of growth that is unparalleled since the turn of the millennium.

Improved flexibility to scale, significant cost reductions, and improving workflows across global teams are just some of the benefits the cloud offers―which is why more and more enterprises are latching on to the technology.


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