Unknown Dependencies = Unknown Risks

Eliminate the Uncertainty

Crosscode eliminates entire categories of risk by identifying, mapping and visualizing production dependencies across executable, managed service, database, API and message queue boundaries.

Open source? No problem.

Legacy apps? Handled.

Third party software? In scope.

Improve, Expand, & Refactor Production Systems with Confidence

Simplify compliance obligations

Reduce cost, time and effort of migration and refactoring

Minimize vulnerability exposure

Improve, Expand, & Refactor Production Systems

with Confidence

Comprehensive & Continuous Platform for Mapping

  • Analyze application code and database schema to capturing critical dependencies.

  • As an aggregation point of critical dependency data, Extensible through API integration

  • Addresses a significant “information hole” in the DevOps / IT-Ops world

Reduce Cost, Time and Effort of Migration and Refactoring

Panoptics gives you the insight you need to plan, implement, and sustain software innovation.

See instantly how any proposed change will ripple through your system before a single line of code is written.
  • Understand what’s been changed
  • When it changed
  • What was the change impact
  • What was the change impact
  • Find and fix troubles early
  • Obtain ongoing information to inform change management and control
  • Migration analysis illustrates real migration paths and risks

Deliver higher quality software with less risk of costly outages and other unintended consequences.

Minimize Security Vulnerabilities

Mitigate Risks

A single solution to mitigate risks and drive compliance across the enterprise. Panoptics uses discovered “as-deployed” information about underlying frameworks, data-stores and related technologies (e.g. OS)
  • Maps information back to NIST-NVD
  • Scans for 3rd party Library security vulnerabilities
  • Allows for:
    • Detailed “decomposed” view
    • Organization statistics and historical information
    • Potential for applications and infrastructure to query state via API

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Simplify Compliance Obligations

Bringing Governance to DevOps

Create a custom rule at the code-level and get alerts on your platform of choice
  • Real Time Alerts (emails, posts):
    • Change Log alerts. Code or DB changes resulting in operation Risk alerts
    • 3rd party vulnerability risk alerts
    • Change log tracking (SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, Ops Compliance)

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