Panoptics Overview

Unknown Dependencies = Unknown Risks





Code-Level Mapping



Change Assessment



Security Enterprise



Software Governance



Application Audit Trail



Code-Level Mapping

Application Discovery and Mapping

Analyzing application code and database schema to capturing critical dependencies. Providing situational awareness to make better business decisions. The code-level detail you need to fully understand and take control of your applications and database infrastructure.

  • Know your software inside and out
  • Speed development and drive down the cost
  • Reduce risk

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Eliminate the Uncertainty

Panoptics is built from the ground up to tackle one of the biggest problems in enterprise computing: the unknown and undocumented dependencies in today’s large systems.

These unknowns are slowing you down and creating uncertainty at every point in the development lifecycle.

Panoptics automates the discovery process with algorithms that dig deep inside your applications and databases to produce the most detailed and accurate maps and change assessments available.

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Change Assessment

Understand the Net Impact of Change

See instantly how any proposed change will ripple through your system before a single line of code is written.

  • See change at the code-level
  • Make more accurate assessments
  • Find and fix troubles early

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Software Change isn’t the Enemy

Panoptics gives you the insight you need to plan, implement, and sustain software innovation. If you’re managing projects in a large, distributed enterprise, then you know what challenge it can be to confidently make even the simplest change.

Panoptics’ change assessment features probe the interrelationships among all your application databases so you can see instantly how any planned changes will affect the entire enterprise. With Panoptics you’ll make more accurate change assessments. You’ll also deliver higher quality software with less risk of costly outages and other unintended consequences.

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Security Enterprise

Mitigate Risks

A single solution to mitigate risks and drive compliance across the enterprise.

  • Real-time visibility and control
  • Set alerts on security red flags
  • Scan third-party and open source code

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Cyber Threats Never Sleep

Large modern architectures are spurring innovation and driving efficiency, but securing these systems is harder than ever.

Panoptics elevates your ability to view and control your application infrastructure. It automates key security discovery, analysis, and governance functions, giving you the tools you need to mitigate risks and drive compliance across the enterprise.

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Governance Enterprise

Modern Governance

Bringing to governance the same level of power and sophistication is seen in modern development and configuration management frameworks. 

  • Create a custom rule at the code-level
  • Get alerts on your platform of choice
  • Find and fix security risks

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Modern Enterprise Governance

Good governance can seem out-of-reach in today’s rapid development environments.

Accelerated by Agile and DevOps teams pushing code into production as fast as they can; modern organizations can’t slow down to meet the constraints of traditional governance.

Crosscode’s Governance Operating System (GOeS) automates and modernizes governance, putting you in the driver’s seat and bringing reliability, stability, and security back to your enterprise.

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Application Audit Trail

Capture Software Changes

Panoptics automatically capture system changes and takes the pain out of software audits.

  • Capture change directly from runtimes
  • Find changes that manual audits miss
  • Speed up audits to save time and money

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See How You Can Take the Pain Out of Software Audit

Panoptics makes it easy to collect the necessary information for an audit. Auditors no longer need to rely on the development team to provide data, nor do they need to crawl through source code versioning systems.

With Panoptics, auditors can see what change was made to the system and when the change occurred.

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