Ever wonder how to find the code-level details across your enterprise applications? How about understanding how your code connects to all other applications, databases and API’s in your business environment? Ever wondered about the impact of change on the scope and costs across all your enterprise systems including IBM Mainframe?

In our new Panoptics offering for IBM Z System, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Generate a single view into your overall architecture of applications, databases and their technologies cutting across various technologies like JAVA, .NET, ASP.NET, Oracle DB, MSSQL, DB2, COBOL, IBM Z system and many more.
  • Analyze your code dependencies across your enterprise. Decomposing your applications and databases to dive into the details.
  • Automatically create a dependency map at code level to analyze the impact of proposed changes across multiple database and languages, including the IBM Z system.
  • Accurately estimate the impact of change, scope and costs and export the changes to your project management tool.
  • Provide Governance to ensure that government regulations, enterprise rules, and best practices are enforced in the runtime environment