Modern Governance

With Speed And Automation

Modern Enterprise Governance


Good governance can seem out-of-reach in today’s rapid development environments.

Accelerated by Agile and DevOps teams pushing code into production as fast as they can; modern organization can’t slow down to meet the constraints of traditional governance.

Crosscode’s Governance Operating System (GOeS) automates and modernizes governance, putting you in the driver’s seat and bringing reliability, stability and security back to your enterprise.

Know What Is Happening Before The Data Is Impacted

Panoptics also allows you to fully understand the scope of dependencies of your regulated software.

Trace all the connections from the point of collection to all of the downstream applications.

Monitor, Report, and Audit regulated applications and databases across on-prem and cloud databases.


Panoptics Brings Modern Tools To Govern Modern Environments

In today’s rapid development cycle, your enterprise needs the speed and automation of Panoptics’ Governance Operating System.

  • Create custom rules to govern changes at the most detailed level
  • Receive alerts on the platform of your choice whenever a change doesn’t comply with one of your rules
  • Flag governance violations and security risks and address them before they make it into production