Enterprise Security

A Single Solution to Mitigate Risks and Drive Compliance Across the Enterprise.

Real-Time Visibility and Control

Set Alerts on Security Red Flags

Scan Third-Party and Open Source Code

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Cyberthreats never sleep, and neither can you.

Large modern architectures are spurring innovation and driving efficiency, but securing these systems is harder than ever.

Panoptics elevates your ability to view and control your application infrastructure. It automates key security discovery, analysis and governance functions, giving you the tools you need to mitigate risks and drive compliance across the enterprise.

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How will Panoptics help you harden your security posture?

  • Analyze your runtime environment to find security issues lurking in your applications.
  • Enforce security and compliance across the enterprise.
  • Works in all environments and infrastructures, from legacy mainframes to cloud.
  • Understand the business impact of identified threats.
  • Build better, more fully informed disaster recovery plans.
  • Scan third party and open source components for known security issues.
  • Follow the audit trail to see what changes were made to the system and when they were made.
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