Enterprise Code-Level Dependency Mapping And Discovery

The Code-Level Detail You Need To Fully Understand And Take Control Of Your Applications And Database Infrastructure

Know Your Software Inside and Out

Speed Development and Drive Down Costs

Reduce Risks

See How You Can Transform Your Enterprise Management

Panoptics are built from the ground up to tackle one of the biggest problems in enterprise computing: the unknown and undocumented dependencies in today’s large systems.

These unknowns are slowing you down and creating uncertainty at every point in the development lifecycle.

Panoptics automates the discovery process with algorithms that dig deep inside your applications and databases to produce the most detailed and accurate maps and change assessments available.

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How will Panoptics code-level maps accelerate your enterprise?

  • View your application stack through a single lens across multiple languages and vendors, unifying code, APIs, databases and messages queues.
  • Manage complex cloud architectures.
  • Reveal the hidden relationships among microservices and containers.
  • Support an agile DevOps culture without compromising on security and governance.
  • Eliminate unreliable manual dependency mapping exercises that are out-of-date before they are even completed.
  • Develop better change assessments and drive down risk in new software development and innovation projects.
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