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See Instantly How Any Proposed Change Will Ripple Through Your System 
Before a Single Line of Code is Written

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Make More Accurate Assessments

Find and Fix Trouble Early

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Your Change Assessments

If you’re managing projects in a large, distributed enterprise, then you know what challenge it can be to confidently make even the simplest change.

Panoptics’ change assessment features probe the interrelationships among all your applications and databases so you can see instantly how any planned changes will affect the entire enterprise.

With Panoptics you’ll make more accurate change assessments. You’ll also deliver higher quality software with less risk of costly outages and other unintended consequences.

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How will Panoptics change assessments improve your bottom line?

  • Make more accurate time and budget estimates, faster and with less efforts.
  • Understand how all applications and databases across the enterprise will be affected by proposed changes.
  • Find potential problems earlier, saving money and reducing risk.
  • Add robustness and stability to your enterprise, while speeding deployment and supporting continuous improvement.
  • Drive innovation without fear of unintended consequences.
  • Analyze projects at any scale and conduct analysis across your entire enterprise.
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