Application Discovery and Mapping

Analyzing application code and database schema to capturing critical dependencies

Providing situational awareness  to make better business decisions

Deep Insight Into Your Architecture

View your application stack through a single lens

Drive down risk in new software development and innovation projects

Eliminate manual documentation of complex and legacy systems

Start Modernization projects with a full understanding of  application dependencies

Understand the impact of new microservices on your legacy system

Reduce reliance on outdated documentation

Know Your Software Inside and Out

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

View Your Enterprise by Technology or Business Group

View Your Portfolio and Analysis the Risk of Any Change Instantly

Updates Made Easy

Dig Deeper with Crosscode Panoptics

  • The industry’s deepest and most comprehensive enterprise-wide view.
  • Fast, automatic, accurate, and complete.
  • It generates a powerful framework with the documentation for all your dependencies API, database, code, message queues, and more available in one place.

Panoptics automatically creates and assigns all your assets by technology. If you prefer you can, you can create business groups and let Panoptics automatically associate all discovered resources to the desired group. Gain a global view of all identified pieces from, API to web services. View all the code level dependencies in your software and identify the relationships in-with your enterprise.

The Business Technology dashboard shows all the interdependencies between different applications in the software enterprise. The panel allows you can view the parts associated with a particular use case and quickly select change scenarios, instead of having to browse through the entire infrastructure. Panoptics analyzes the impact of risk related to the move and the estimated amount of effort required to make the change.

No more outdated documentation. Get a deeper understanding of your software environment and how items are connected at the code level. Panoptic automatically updates any changes in your environment, providing an audit trail. Have Panoptics regularly monitor your environment or schedule periodic re-discoveries to stay updated about changes to your enterprise.