Defining Change

Step 1 of the Comprehensive Software Assessment Process


This posting is the first in a series on Software Change Assessment.  In today’s rapid development environment, it is more important than ever that software development organizations follow a disciplined approach to change management that accurately identifies risks and estimates the level of effort required to accomplish software changes.  Define the Change is Step 1 of a five-step process that systematically brings your team from an initial change request to a final prioritization and goes/no-goes decision on the change.

With fully automated features for application discovery, code-level dependency mapping, and change assessment, our Crosscode Panaoptics solution supports a data-driven approach to change management that not only helps you conduct a more accurate analysis but can save you and your team months of work gathering and analyzing key data about your infrastructure.  Throughout this series, we will explore how Panaoptics can help you at every step of the journey.

In the change definition step of software change assessment, we consider all aspects of a proposed change to describe the systems and environments that will be affected and try to envision what will happen before, during and after the change.

Correctly identifying the scope of a change project will be critical to the future software change assessment steps. No matter how comprehensive and precise your assessment practices may be, an analysis of how a change will ripple through your architecture will be inherently flawed if you have failed to properly describe the change itself.

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