Crosscode safely and securely generates a comprehensive map of runtime dependencies across your platforms, applications, databases, and API boundaries

A single Crosscode system snapshot reveals:

Undocumented business workflows and information sharing

Legacy system artifacts and dependencies

Shadow IT applications

Third-party components

Unpatched vulnerabilities

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Systems analysis over time reveals real-time changes

  • New or missing application components
  • Undocumented schema changes
  • API Library dependencies
  • Unauthorized data dependencies – implying access - to sensitive information stores with table and column precision

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Crosscode Panoptics Audit 10-2-19

"What-if" modeling and analysis simulates

  • Isolation of production components as a precursor to migration or deprecation
  • Proposed systems changes in support of ITIL change request approval processes
  • Test plan documentation

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Light-weight, distributed architecture extends mapping across

  • On-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments
  • Full-stack implementations (recording across application, API, managed service and DBMS boundaries)
  • Application runtime platforms (Java, .Net, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Development provenance (developed in-house, outsourced, open-source, and third-party)

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Map dependencies in a highly connected world

Crosscode’s runtime app, database, and API dependency mapping neutralizes a particularly nasty form of technical debt that has been shown to lead directly to system failures, data breaches, and project overruns.

Beyond these well-understood risks, enterprises “don’t know what they don’t know.” This fear of the unknown stems from the lack of a trusted view into how tangled and dysfunctional existing systems (or proposed updates) may be and forces expensive scheduling delays in (or even the shelving of) otherwise viable and valuable modernization initiatives.

Crosscode unblocks development teams and frees organizations to safely and securely refactor and migrate application assets – and also to streamline the modernization process itself.

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Crosscode in action

Continuous application and IT modernization are as fundamental to a healthy organization, as is the accounting or human resources.

Wherever your organization may find itself on its continuing IT modernization journey, Crosscode’s dependency detection and visualization technology are built to significantly improve agility, velocity, quality, and governance.

The following fourteen common initiatives that span enterprise maturity and application lifecycle management are summarized here.


Crosscode offers a single-source of runtime truth

Unlike many analysis and monitoring technologies, Crosscode does not require access to source code or the use of proprietary API calls during development. Crosscode agents run where your software runs across on-premises and hosted runtimes without requiring a complex installation and configuration setup.

The resulting data is sent back to a repository that can be self-managed inside your organizations’ network (on-prem or hosted), or Crosscode can host the endpoint for a simpler and more turnkey solution.

While Crosscode agents are production-ready, they can also be deployed in test environments as well as providing early validation and alerts prior to a production deployment.

In short, Crosscode can provide your organizations with critical insights without requiring

  • Lengthy planning and development cycles
  • Access to source code
  • A limitation excluding third party components

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