This blog explains why Crosscode is not just another tool CIO’s need to buy but a “MUST HAVE”.


Technology is the key enabler for your business as a matter of fact your software is actually your business. Question is, how well do you understand the application landscape in your enterprise and the intricate complexities that lie underneath, or should I say, “How well do you understand your business?”

Furthermore, companies are constantly on the move, under constant pressure to do things differently and thus need to accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. Nevertheless, when the need for management and immediate changes in the applications occurs, something often tends to go wrong while enabling those changes because no one understands the true complexities and dependencies that exist in the enterprise. This is the major challenge developers and companies have. Crosscode aims to eliminate this challenge.


Your applications have components and databases connected in different ways. However; this may stop you from making changes as it may cause a chain reaction throughout other applications. One other very common problem associated with ready-made software is that companies are forced to alter some of their methods in order to be able to utilize the product to its fullest. This may seem satisfying at first but as time goes on, the need for some features arises and inability to fix them in may result to some lost goals. Since applications are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of business but can’t do so as there is a lack of visibility at how one application relates to another hereby causing a kind of hang or causing you to cancel one application to able to work on another when you can as well use both at the same time during the long run. Most times, switching from one application to another becomes a problem for architects and developers as the fear of losing all applications as well as having to start again from scratch is taken to heart. What about the cost of application change? It is very expensive, yet compulsory in most cases.


What is Crosscode?

Crosscode is a cloud platform that does the work of a thousand analysts in seconds. Founded in 2015, Crosscode is designed to analyze application and database code line by line to create a real-time map of dependencies across the enterprise “down to the line of code.” This instantly shows how a change to one system will impact an entire IT architecture.

Why Crosscode?

Crosscode creates an enterprise level dependency graph for your applications and databases down to the line of code level and column level respectively. Our patent pending platform, Crosscode Panoptics shows the effect of any IT change instantly and helps you and your business avoid collateral damage as well as loss of important documents and clients. Our platform takes proper care in ensuring that all human errors are eliminated and continuously keeps you updated on your decomposition views and dependency maps hereby putting an end the unnecessary manual updates and meltdowns. Relying on manual labor to update organizational frameworks is costly and time-consuming, one added advantage we have over manual labor and other software that is our software was built to be an automatic and ultrafast one which could successfully implement work meant for a team in a matter of seconds. Hence, customer and client satisfaction are achieved within seconds.

Crosscode Panoptics mitigates the risk of making IT changes by automating key analytical processes. This helps your company move quickly when implementing new solutions, lines of business, or integrating systems with acquired companies. Stay one step ahead of the competition with the most powerful analytics solution.

We understand the impact changes will have essentially to IT planning. However, our impact analysis allows you select specific components and visualize how changing one or two lines of code will affect other applications. After running this analysis, you can decide what should be added and what ought not to be as well as print the results in the right format for the job.

We give you means of bringing new offers to your client quickly hence making you to stand in front in your field and earn referrals from satisfied clients. Crosscode Panoptics can give you the edge you need to take the leap towards technological advancement business wise.

How Crosscode Operates (Architecture)

Crosscode as an agent takes control of your database and oversees your operating system process by extracting and sending over a two-way Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection with certificate pining. During this stage, a dependency graph is created from where the Crosscode can show. From this stage onwards, the Crosscode application allows its users to determine what change they would like to make; an addition, a removal, or a modification. It is important to note that the application can show details in decomposition view.


The Crosscode agent (csplugin) is a service running on customer server, which enables the reading of information about the processes as well as the database running on that specific server. During the running of this process on any server, the type of application is being determined. This is to ensure the process running on the server supports it. The cspluggin extracts the structure of the application when underlying language supports introspection. However, if it is discovered that programs involved have been written in a language that does not support introspection, application is being read to determine which libraries would be loaded with the application. For relational database servers, csplugin comes handy in the extraction of the entity relationship information from the database sending it to the Crosscode server.


Crosscode has seen how little changes in structure or addition of features to business owned applications have caused a lot of damage. It has seen the struggle of these companies to employ teams of analyst to work for months in fixing broken applications and trying hard to avoid creating more damages to one created. For this reason, Crosscode is trying to make business life as easy as possible by trying to reach out to companies and businesses that are currently using applications in their day-to-day activities as well as businesses that plan to start. We want to give them more control and make changes go painlessly without fear of sudden breakdown or a disruption in service rendered. Schedule a demo of Crosscode Panoptics to see it in action today.