Crosscode Organization Culture

At Crosscode, Success is Teamwork. When working together, everyone succeeds together. In today’s enterprise sales and delivery environments where Customer Success is the ultimate goal, an integrated team is critical. The best way to build an integrated team is to hire essential staff, where everyone is ready to chip in and play multiple roles as needed. For example, Sales Account Managers can also participate in Marketing Campaigns, develop marketing material and video/demos when necessary; SEs can help with demos and perform QA/Test; Inside Sales can help with demos and customer service.

We envision a tightly integrated Sales-Marketing-Services & Support-Technical teams, ready to chip in where they can and assist to close deals, support marketing, and services ensuring customer success and profitable growth.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Location: San Fransico Bay Area preferred. Qualified candidates from other locations will also be considered.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Strong quality focus, and TDD mindset
  • Broad experience in web applications development, and life-cycle
    • Functional design
    • Database and REST API design
    • Performance and tuning
    • Upgrades
    • Technical experience in the React front-end, Spring back end, MySQL, git, maven, AWS, Azure, GCP (or equivalents)
  • Follow, and contribute to process
  • Communicate and collaborate for results, across geographies and cultures
  • Can work independently and adapt quickly
  • Routinely innovate out of difficult problems
  • Strong ability and interest in working at all layers     business and technical
  • Ability and willingness to take ownership, and lead efforts in development, design, and architecture
  • Ability and willingness to learn, embrace and champion newer tools, technologies, and architectures, such as Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, PCF, CouchDB, and MongoDB
  • Participate in operations and customer support

The exact technical stack is less important than the mindset related qualifications, and openness to challenge and growth.


Systems programming experience in one or more of these environments – Unix like/Windows/Mainframe/Mid-range, and interested in learning more!

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