Capture Software Changes

Automatically Without Pain

See How You Can Take the
Pain Out of Software Audits


Panoptics makes it easy to collect the necessary information for an audit.

Auditors no longer need to rely on the development team to provide data, nor do they need to crawl through source code versioning systems.

With Panoptics, auditors can see what change was made to the system and when the change occurred.

The result is a dramatic reduction in the time needed to collect and review the data, and complete a more accurate audit.

Save time and money


  • Easily identify system changes and when they occur
  • Reduce the time required to collect and review audit data
  • Lower the bar on the skills required to conduct audits and review results
  • Make auditors more self-reliant and remove the auditing burden from the development team
  • Build better, more fully informed disaster recovery plans
  • Add veracity and completeness to audit results
  • Find “hidden” changes to the database, code, and configurations that often go undetected in audits

Auditing your enterprise software is an irritating and time-consuming part of life.

Let Panoptics Pinpoint System Changes Wherever They Occur


  • Reduced risk
  • Enhanced security
  • Securely store and manage audit documentation
  • Improved compliance.