Crosscode, Inc Announces the Release of Crosscode Panoptics 2.0 with a Governance Operating System™


Maple Grove, MN– Crosscode, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Crosscode Panoptics 2.0, which will be for use by software development and operations teams for accelerating time to market.

Crosscode Panoptics 2.0 features include the following:

Governance Operating System

Crosscode’s customizable governance engine monitors changes throughout your application environment for conditions or changes that match your rules or do not comply with your best practices. Examples of these capabilities include:

  • Discover duplicate data stores
  • Trigger an alert when a new connection is created with a sensitive database
  • Receive a Slack message when a new security issue is discovered in your code


Enhancements to Change Estimation & Risk Mitigation:

V1 helped customers accurately size projects and instantly analyze the impact of each change to code or column. V2 adds support for:

  • API calls
  • Message Queues
  • Micro-services
  • Columnar databases


V2 computes the McCabe cyclomatic complexity score for each code element, helping you quantify effort and risk with far more accuracy. Additional details are found in our Governance Blog.

About Crosscode, Inc.

Crosscode was founded in 2015. After 20 years in the field, the founders felt the IT struggles of Fortune 500 companies. They saw how simple changes would time and again break mission-critical applications. In many cases, entire development teams would work for months to reduce the risk of breaking an existing application. Crosscode was built to solve that struggle.

About Crosscode Panoptics

Crosscode Panoptics is a SaaS solution that provides automated application governance, and change estimation down to the code level on top of the dependency mapping framework.