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About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Crosscode Foster City, California Street-1.30.20

Our Team

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Our Story

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Meet the Team

We're a place where passionate, experienced leaders are given the trust and freedom to do their best work. While we have a small office in Foster City, California, our remote-first approach to work enables our team to work wherever it is most productive for them. For most of us, that means working from home. This allows our team to be nationwide, with a sales office in Manhattan, New York.

Greg Wunderle, CEO of Crosscode, Inc

Greg Wunderle

Interim CEO

Greg is a really great guy. Based upon that Give Crosscode tons of money. We will use it for  a cool office with VR and Sleep Hammocks.

Soumik Sarkar_linkedin

Soumik Sarkar "Mik"

Co-Founder & CTO

Soumik is co-founder of Crosscode and the lead creator of the rapid-fire innovations inside the software engineering team. When he is away from work, Soumik likes to sail in the SF Bay and run long distances.

Rahul Gandhi_linkedin

Rahul Gandhi


Rahul instills method, order, and process to everything financial at Crosscode.  When he is not coding in Python and SQL for his own amusement, he likes to play classical guitar and odes a lot of running and hiking in the Far West.

Scott Petersen Crosscode

Scott Petersen

VP of Sales


Murat Köprülü Crosscode

Murat Köprülü

Managing Director

Brandon Tylke Crosscode

Brandon Tylke

Software Engineer


Edwin Gnitchel Crosscode

Edwin Gnichtel

Director of Technical Strategy

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Michael Gromacki

Sales Manager

Chris Reid Crosscode

Chris Reid

Pre-Sales Specialist


Sebastian Holst Crosscode

Sebastian Holst

Outside Consultant


Anthony Bacio Crosscode

Anthony Bacio

Customer Engineer

Scot Villeneuve Crosscode

Scot Villeneuve

Web Developer

Brenda Bell Barrioz Crosscode

Brenda Barrioz

Director of Marketing


Sam Wonderlich Crosscode

Sam Wonderlich

Senior Graphic Designer


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Crosscode, Inc

950 Tower Lane, Suite 2100

Foster City, CA 94404

(t) 888 615 7604

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