Your systems are far more than the sum of their parts –

and that’s not always a good thing

Have you introduced unplanned workflow and logic 

  • From reused components and embedded APIs?

Created unknown dependencies 

  •  By carrying forward legacy and third-party code?

Are there hidden vulnerabilities lurking from

  • Open Source?

Is your code of unknown provenance threatening to cause

  •  Unintended access and use of PII and other sensitive information?


Crosscode Can Eliminate the Risk

Looking to Upgrade to ServiceNow New York and Beyond?

Upgrade ServiceNow in a HALF the time and a Fraction of the RISK

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Crosscode automatically maps and visualizes your systems as they truly are

– in production – in real-time – and over time.

Undocumented dependencies and undetected vulnerabilities materially increase operational risk

And significantly increase the cost and complexity of mitigating that very same risk.