Crosscode automatically maps & visualizes your systems as they truly are

 in production, in real-time, & over time

Undocumented dependencies and undetected vulnerabilities materially increase operational risk

And significantly increase the cost and complexity of mitigating that very same risk

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Upgrade ServiceNow in half the time and at a fraction of the risk

Your systems are far more than the sum of their parts and that's not always a good thing

Ask yourself:

Have you introduced unplanned workflow and logic from reused components and embedded APIs?

Created unknown dependencies by carrying forward the legacy and third-party code?

Are there hidden vulnerabilities lurking from Open Source?

Is your code of unknown provenance threatening to cause unintended access and use of PII and other sensitive information?

Crosscode can eliminate the risk

Crosscode works where you work

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Crosscode with .Net
.Net 3.5-4.8
Crosscode with Java
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Crosscode with Oracle
Crosscode with Cassandra
Crosscode with Windows
Windows Servers
Crosscode with Ubuntu
Ubuntu Servers

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